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Genesis and the Big Bang: The Discovery Of Harmony Between Modern Science And The Bible

a book by Gerald Schroeder


In this groundbreaking book, physicist Gerald Schroeder takes on skeptics from both sides of the cosmological / theological debate, arguing that science and the Bible are not at odds concerning the origin of the universe and of life. They are two views of one reality from two vastly different perspectives.

The culmination of a physicist's thirty-five-year journey from MIT to Jerusalem, Genesis and the Big Bang presents a compelling argument that the events of the billions of years that cosmologists say followed the Big Bang and those of the first six days described in Genesis are, in fact, one in the same - identical realities described in vastly different terms. In engaging, accessible language, Dr. Schroeder reconciles the observable facts of science with the very essence of Western Religion: the biblical account of Creation.

Carefully reviewing and interpreting accepted scientific principles, analogous passages of Scripture, and biblical scholarship, Dr. Schroeder arrives at a conclusion so lucid that one wonders why it has taken this long in coming. The result for the reader - whether believer or skeptic, Jewish or Christian - is a totally fresh understanding of the key events in the life of the universe.

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