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The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom

a book by Gerald Schroeder


In The Science of God, distinguished physicist Gerald Schroeder offers a wide-ranging and brilliant discussion of such topics as free will, the development of the universe, the origin of life, and the origin of man, arguing that the latest science and a close reading of the Bible are not just compatible but interdependent. Religious belief is enhanced by an open-eyed investigation of the world, and honest science demands humility when faced with the astonishing richness of life's creation.

Uniting staunchly opposed viewpoints into one groundbreaking new perspective, this startling and timely work illuminates the complete interdependence between Biblical reports and modern scientific discoveries. Comparing key events from the Old Testament with the most current findings of biochemists, paleontologists, and physicists, Gerald Schroeder resolves age-old debates about miracles, the origins of the universe, the first life on Earth, and the meaning of free will. Through thoughtful, engaging discussions, even using Einstein's theory of relativity to validate a six-day creation timetable, The Science of God ultimately proves both Darwin and creationists right.

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