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Lecture Information

For information on upcoming lectures, requests for lectures, or video conferencing, please contact him directly at Gerald_Schroeder@alum.mit.edu.
Please send messages in duplicate in order to distinguish them from the inordinate flooding of junk mail.

Talk Topics by Gerald Schroeder

  • The triumph of life: science and spirituality: how did the light beams of the big bang creation become alive and sentient, learn to love, feel joy and then ultimately begin to wonder how the wonder of life happened
  • The age of our universe: six days, fifteen billion years or both? A discovery of harmony between modern science and ancient biblical commentary
  • Evolution and the Bible: answering a contradiction. Is it Divine, or Darwin?
  • Evolution Bible style! What about the dinosaurs? What the dinosaurs can teach us about how God runs the world.
  • Intelligent Design and evolution: randomness vs rationality; alternative title: The right and the wrong of Intelligent Design. Seeking hints of design in the universe, in the solar system, and in life
  • The God Delusion: could life actually have evolved by random chance? Pro's and con's
  • Origins of humankind: from mud to man; comparing Biblical writings with the fossil record
  • Life after Death; mind and brain: Science is discovering that death merely mark the end of the body's participation in a continuing life?
  • God According to God and the Bible: what the Bible really tells us about God. Why there is tragedy in a world created by a compassionate God. The answer lies in the nature of God as described in the Bible
  • Do accidents happen? A biblical answer to why God lets bad things happen even to good people Alternative title: Dinosaurs: nature's accident or Divine plan?
  • Free will: if our Creator knows the future, how do we have free will - a Biblical and scientific explanation
  • The Biblical Tabernacle as a model of the universe
  • Bread from the Earth: revealing a universe tuned for life
  • Genesis and the Big Bang: ancient kabala and modern science
  • Arguing with God: Abraham, Moses, the Books of Job and Jonah, our name Israel
  • The puzzle of existence: the metaphysics of a world embedded within a universal consciousness.
  • With wisdom G-d created the heavens and the earth: Before matter there was energy and before energy there was wisdom. Wisdom is the ultimate building block of the wonderful universe within which we reside. We are the idea of God
  • Be'rai'sheet: why this opening word of the Bible never referred to a beginning. Getting the Greek translation out of the Bible. And in doing so discovering the wisdom of I will be that which I will be (Exodus 3:14).
  • A scientist's view of Biblical religion: Seeing God in the Physics Lab
  • Academic freedom in the sciences: sure, as long as you support the party line
  • FAQ's frequently asked questions and an overview of the answers. A survey of scientifically and biblically powerful replies to questions that attempt to challenge the validity of the Bible. Or how to prepare yourself for the dorm-room bull session, the agnostic professor who is absolutely certain that there are no absolutes, the lunch time debate at work about the validity of the God of the Bible

The talks are based solely on ancient biblical commentary and modern science and are appropriate for all religions. They usually prompt a wide range of questions from the audience, whether scientist, theologian or layperson, adult or youngster, believer or skeptic. Venues include those open to the public in auditoriums, intimate briefings for secular and religious teachers, "lunch & learn" sessions, school classes from elementary levels though university. Each talk is tailored to meet the capacity of the particular class. These talks benefit considerably by having a white board or flip chart with several sheets of paper and colored markers available, though these aides are not absolutely essential.

I overheard one teenager talking to another as they were leaving the auditorium: "Finally it all makes sense." That is about the finest summary of my goal I have ever been privy to hear.